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Here’s the all-too-familiar scenario: friends come for dinner, and we have a great time, eating, drinking wine and talking. It gets dark, they get ready to go; more chatter at the door. The door opens, with a lingering ( two seconds! ) good-bye before they walk home a few doors away.

She’s gone. zoom. Into the dark.
Little Shit.
This happens whenever someone comes over.

Of course they feel terrible. It’s cold, windy, but luckily for me it’s not raining. "Doesn’t she come when you call her?"
 nope. Not that one. Little Shit.
Richard sets out one direction, I go the other way. Our friends go home at our urging – not much they can do. I jog about a half mile, covering a few blocks – calling and whistling but no sign of her. You find her by listening.
I meet up with Richard in an area just east of us on a sort of road – it’s a path really – that is the continuation of our dead end that runs behind the house. A overgrown wooded area that I’ve heard big dogs in and that I don’t wander in even in daylight. We hear her barking off down that direction. She’s been running for 30-40 minutes now; we catch sight of her in the beam of the flashlight. A little tired at this point, she comes when we call her. She is green/brown with poop.

God knows how many things or what the hell she found to cover herself in. She slunks along at the end of the leash. She knows what lies ahead.               The ten o’clock bath.
This is why we’re putting up a fence.

I was pretty warm at this point, so I went outside for a few. I took this video – of noise. You can hear the native sounds – the ‘frog chorus’ as my sister appropriately calls it, along with the ocean.

I am over the running, finding, and bathing of the pup. ( she is still a stinker, though, just ’cause ) This noise makes me happy.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Seattle for a few days. I’m excited to go. I finished my quilt top, and got the back ready as well. I may try to quilt it at Mom’s house over the weekend.

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solo ramblings………

the days seem to drag by without Richard here. Seems like I’ve been busy: I finished a dress for myself, made a few gifts for my friend’s bridal shower, saw the denyist, had an open house, had an additional showing of the house, met with my $$ client in La Jolla. 
Today I am getting my hair cut – a bunch shorter, and am a little nervous as this is a new stylist that I’m going to. This evening I will go to the Sunbeam meeting – an excuse to go eat fish and chips, really.  
Richard called this morning and was on the road headed back, but I doubt if he’ll get here before it gets dark.  I think he’ll be surprised ( in a good way ) when he sees my hair.  Sunny has given up on him, and has been sad all week. She will be elated when he arrives.

Sunday’s open house had one couple ( out of four that came through) who was here for an hour and forty-five minutes. They returned with their agent on Tuesday for another 45 minutes. ( I was at the neighbor’s so I could kind of watch out the window ).  My agent called that afternoon with a list of questions, and told me to expect an offer.  Well, the offer came yesterday – at $402K !  That would be a big, NO!  ( One of their questions was would we be willing to carry $60K in a second to which we said no. I guess the offer was without that $60 thousand )  Like our agent said: we don’t even need to respond.  I can wait a while longer.  We have decided to drop the price some, but no where near that much. 

Monday I had my last in a long string of dental appointements. None too soon it seems. The dentist I had been seeing for the last several months has ‘moved on’. I guess she didn’t like the changes in the running of the office since it was bought last month. Luckily, all that needed to be done was to put on the last crown ( this was to have happened three weeks ago, but in the installation the porcelain cracked  ). The Dr. who saw me was okay, but I’m just glad to be done with it all. 

My meeting with the La Jolla client went really well. I took a couple things of hers that I had finished, and she gushed over how wonderful I was. I have to admit, even though I understand that she’s a ‘flatterer’,  it still made me feel good. She really tries to make it seem genuine – heck maybe it is. Maybe she’s one of those super-sweet types who just happens to have more money than everyone.  Anyway, we tried on several more clothes, which if I said the slightest thing like it might not be ‘alterable’ she quickly cast that garment out of the mix. Then begged me to come back the end of next week for several hours ( “We’ll order takeout! “). 

I went on Sunday evening to a bridal shower for my friend Julie, which was hosted at the most gorgeous 1910 restored large craftsman house. After drinks and some food, we went swimming in their salt water pool. The only negative was that they are right in the flight path – directly east of the airport about 2 miles, so the near constant overhead noise was disturbing – as well as looking at the belly of every plane –  as I’m not used to it.  
Here in Santee, in the last month or two, we have had an increasing number of Marine helicopters flying overhead, as well as increased traffic from Gilespie field, the small airport three miles so the south of us. Sometimes upwards of 20 in an evening.  I can’t wait to move to where the overhead traffic consists of one Coast Guard trip along the coastline, and the rest of the time it will be blissfully quiet. 

It’s been hot and humid here – in the upper 90s and only cooling to about 70 overnight. Yuck. That can’t end any too soon.

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