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so long ’08!

Like everyone, I’m glad this year is near a close. I am ready, oh so ready, to move on.  When I look back, it seems like we accomplished a lot.
Or only a little, if I do the ‘glass half empty’ thing. There is so much I want to do, get done. And somewhere I think I’m supposed to sit back and enjoy – what? The fruits of my labor. check.
We did get the house painted, at the cost of one knee for Richard. Funny how I will do nearly anything to save a dime. Sorry sweetie. He is returning to his pre-injury state fairly quickly at this point. Hooray for that! We also got all five sliding doors replaced, the fireplace insert installed, new appliances in the kitchen and a remodel on the bathroom. Those were the biggies.

I sewed:
curtians for the bedroon, bathroom, living and dining rooms; made a couple wedding gifts; vests for my sister; a skirt for my other sister; a long wool coat; Christmas gifts ( for last Christmas and this one ); altered clothes for friends, family and a client; lots of bags; a few dog items.
We met a few people in our new neighborhood.
I logged a lot of miles on the beach, (though not as many as I should have).
We poured a couple of months into figuring out the possible purchase of a business ( status of which is still unknown ). No matter what, it was good preparation for something, I’m sure.

My goals for 2009:
Make a few friends
Figure out what I am going to do for work
Explore the surrounding parks and go to the beach more often 
Sew a lot more & start a sewing diary
get back into knitting

We are expecting a BIG windstorm over the next 36 hours – winds of up to 90mph. Hopefully, the power will stay on, but I have my doubts. With the snow last week we lost more of the big tree at the southwest corner of the house. It has been somewhat self-trimming with each storm since we moved, and now we will have to take the remaing part down. With any luck, we won’t lose any more trees this time around.

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I’ve decided that this new year will begin with my birthday this past Saturday. 

Mom returned with me, and on Saturday Ryan and Justin drove out.  We had a wonderful dinner of fresh crab & artichokes – which has got to be one of my favorite meals. For dessert Ryan made a pavlova – a light as air meringue topped with whipped cream and blueberries ( that he picked here over the summer and were in my freezer )  yum. 
On Saturday Richard hung the new light in the stairwell replacing this:    lovely seventies number, with this:     . It casts a pretty, orang-ish glow. If anyone is interested in the old fixture, speak up quick, as it is headed to the thrift store. There will be a houseful of similar ‘period’ lights there by the time we’re finished.  
The other big thing that happened while the guys were here is that Justin worked ( for way too long ) to solve my router issue, and now I am back to wireless – Yay! – no more pile of cables and cords in the corner of the living room.
When everyone left on Sunday, we took a long walk into town, (I had ice cream, while he had soup )and soaked up the rare sunny afternoon. 
It rained and blew hard for most of yesterday and all night long. We walked this afternoon, and discovered a couple more trees down on the dead end behind us. Looks like there will be no shortage of firewood this year. 
The new bathroom vanity was delivered on Friday, so today saw the beginning of the demolition of the upstairs bathroom.  I am making a vow to myself to stay patient about this project, knowing it will take three times longer to finish than I plan for it to. While Richard worked on that, I spent a second day working on stuff for the CA client. There is at least a full week’s worth of work there, and I am ready to have it gone.

I spoke with my old neighbor in Santee this afternoon, and was amazed at how dior the real estate market is there. I am sooo grateful that we were fortunate enough to get the house sold. I took a look, and oh my god, how things have gone really south. I feel for anyone who is trying to sell. Tough times.

Looks like we are in for a few clear and chilly days here – a nice break from the past few rainy weeks.

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