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 Our little road trip was sweet and short.  Hard to believe that just one night and two days felt like so much longer – it was just what we needed, I think.

Sunday we resumed driving, just a little farther east on Hwy 84, and on a (oops! )side road we saw a bunch of wild turkeys! When we drove back by, they were in the trees, but I didn’t get a picture. One Tom and a dozen hens – when we stopped he started strutting around and fanned his tail. 

      We then crossed the river back into Washington, and the first stop was the Stonehenge war memorial at Maryhill. This was dedicated in 1918, and erected to honor local soldiers who lost their lives in WW1.     

Then it was on to the Maryhill Museum of Art. What a surprise in the middle of nowhere. They house a large collection of Rodin sculptures and sketches, along with the amazing collection: Theatre` de la Mode. I took a few pictures, but here’s a lot more.      If this is interesting – you should click the museum link above, then click through to the link for this exhibit, and on to the 5 minute audio tour to hear more detail. 

These clothes were made during the forites, when materials were in short supply post-war. All of the top designers participated in making pieces in one third scale. These fit 27" wire mannequins, and were exact down to every detail. There were miniature hats, bags, and  shoes as well, and a total of nine sets to showcase them in. The museum owns most of them and puts three sets on display each year. Encouraging me to return. 

The other thing I was fascinated by were these two photographs:    The first, which is a

 shot of two men pedaling a electricity generating bicycle in a basement that powered this:  There were several teams that worked round the clock so that Paris women could still get their hair coiffed in fancy salons when there was little power to spare.  I couldn’t quit staring at them. 

Then we hit the road heading back west, to pick up Sunny and get home. Just in time for a hell of a storm, that killed the power for a few hours and blew relentlessly until early this morning.
Now, it’s a quiet week. I plan to get some sewing done. 

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