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After a few days of snow and hail and lots of rain, the sun has come out. Wooo – hooo!  We’ve had beautiful weather for the past couple days, and have been busy outside.  
The tractor guy came last week and did a bunch of grading; now we have to wait a few more days for gravel to be delivered. A lot of gravel – at least 20 yards to start with, for the driveway, north side of the house and more for in front of the garage.  I’ve picked out a few trees to plant in the newly cleared area alongside the driveway – outside of my sewing room window. But there’s a little more clearing out to do there before I feel we can plant stuff there. I also got some pots planted for the deck.  

I took Sarah’s suggestion and we watched “Fido” last night. Can you say ‘feel-good zombie movie’?  It was a light break from a lot of heavy dramas that we’ve seen lately. I went to Netflix and we chose a few kid-type movies to have here for next week. Little Richard is coming on Saturday and staying for a week. We have plans to go and do lots of stuff – hopefully we’ll have some decent weather. One of my plans is to go down to Seaside and rent ‘bigwheels’ that you ride on the beach. Kind of like these (scroll down the page to see the Triker or the Triton )Richard and I did that maybe ten years ago and it was a blast.  They sit really low, and it feels like you go pretty fast.  But it would suck in the rain.  

Richard has consented to build me a big swing. ( He’s gone to the lumberstore now, so maybe it will happen soon! – like there’s nothing else to do ) It will go between a couple of trees and hang on about 10 feet of ropes. Actually, there will be two of them, the way he wants to build it. I can’t wait. 

The other day I signed up for a class on using a big quilting machine. Its over in Astoria. After I take it, I can then go rent time using that machine – it should be fun. 

enough now, back to it.


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the Bus

It was sunshining out in the morning, so Sunny and I ventured a quick walk. Just as we were partway down the beach, the wind picked up, and the rain and snow and then more rain blew in, soaking us thouroughly before we could get home. I had to change quickly, throw my coat in the dryer, to be ready to go to catch the bus. By the time we got there it was sunshining again.
 Yesterday we had the new adventure of riding the bus here in our town. We had dropped off the truck in Astoria for service the other day, and it seemed like a good time to try out the local public transit. For a whole 85 cents ( I just discovered there’s no ‘cent ‘ key on this keyboard !) each, we rode – the senic route – from here ( we caught it a block away ) to Illwaco, and then from there across the bridge into downtown Astoria.  The interesting part about it was that it was that particular driver’s last day after nearly twenty years, and lots of folks were getting off and on for short rides to say goodbye to her. Everyone was very chatty, and really friendly; obviously all knowing each other to one degree or another. Lots of talk about various goings on all along the penninsula.
After leaving the bus, we had a bit of a walk to the dealer, and on the way went to a great place for lunch. This will be my new favorite in Astoria – a good burger, fresh-cut fries ( with lots of salt and fresh pepper – like the kettles chips ), and a laid back atmosphere. From there it was a short walk to pick up the truck.

Today I’ll be sewing for the rest of the day. I spent some time doing some pattern work and cutting out a skirt at my new work table the other day, and  so far, the height seems to be fine. I do think, however, that it will need to be shorter in length to be a better fit in the room. Cutting it down by a foot or so will make it lots easier to move through the doorway, and at 13 feet, seems like I can afford to forfeit 16 inches.  

We watched “3:10 to Yuma” the other night. It was okay, but now I think I need to watch something purley fun.  Maybe I should move Fido  ( thanks, Sarah! ) to the top of our list. Sitting here waiting to be watched are Atonement and Michael Clayton.

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A fitting end.

Last night we watched “Hair” , which was on TCM, followed by “Alice’s Restaurant” . Wow. It was ‘Counterculture Night’ ( and the third film was “Five Easy Pieces” which we didn’t watch). Too late for us.  I saw Hair the stage production when I was 16 or so – maybe the first  play I ever saw? I had never seen the movie though ( which according to TCM was a flop because it was made in 1979 – ten years after the stage play began and not retro enough ) . In it were very young Treat Williams (nearly unrecognizable in long hair ) and John Savage. A great war protest done so much differently than they would today ( well, there was a draft then ) Richard had never seen the play, movie, and didn’t know much of the music; I knew all of the music by heart, having played it a zillion times as a teenager; though lots of those songs I haven’t heard for at least thirty years. It was a lot of fun.  I highly recommend it.  Alice’s Restaurant was not quite as good, and it was fun to watch Arlo Guthrie as ‘himself’ – he couldn’t have been 20 when it was made.

It was the perfect end to the last day of winter. “Be Gone, You!’   Today the sun was out and blue sky returned. For how long I don’t know, but all of the other plans were put on hold while we walked on the beach ( I took pictures of a bald eagle on the dunes ) . Sunny was in dog heaven, being free of the leash and taunted by the seagulls and happy  to have the chance to chase them.  We spent the afternoon working outside, doing more trimming and yardwork and moving the firepit area so that we can burn tomorrow if it continues to not rain. 

Here’s to the end of winter for this year. Hello, Spring.
I’m ready.

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last one. I promise.

 I know its November, but I thought I’d share one more scary thing:

  I am grateful that though we moved to the sticks, this type of creativity is not the norm around here. eewwwww. Think about it.  Okay, maybe not.

Today I did go and order the carpet, a short grey shag for both bedrooms. The installation date is the 20th, so I have a good two plus weeks to get the painting done.  

Last night we watched “Freedom Writers” – I was suprised at how much I liked it. I was half expecting it to be just too sappy, but it was well done, and yes, heartwarming. 
Oh, and no candy-takers last night.

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This morning I had a Dr. appointment. While waiting for a few minutes to be called, I noticed that there were no ( even outdated ) magazines on the bookshelf and tables – instead they were covered with pamphlets, advertisements, etc. for a myriad of drugs. You know the ones: resless leg syndrome, ADD, depression, IBS, ED, heartburn, insomnia, migraines, and on and on and on. In those couple minutes, I walked around and counted 63 of them.  I got the overwhelming feeling that if you didn’t need any of what was being pushed, you were abnormal. Creepy.  I only go to the doctor rarely, and it’s always to the same place; so my question is: have all offices gone this route – being an assault of ads for rx’s? No more ‘Highlights’ or the grown-up equivilants.   
National health care, please.  Though with the pharmaceutical companies having so much influence and control, I think it will be a very long time coming. 

We have an open house scheduled for Sunday 12-5.  Think happy sales thoughts for me, please. 
From the looks of the latest figures, in the month of June there were 37 resale houses sold in Santee, versus 35 in June of last year. So, people are buying, although the average price has dropped about $20K in that period.   good news, bad news. 

The other night we watched “The Man Who Wasn’t There” . I loved it – it’s great when the casting is so perfect.

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Saturday was spent working in the carport, loading the flatbed trailer with things to go to the yard, and unloading it out there. ( How can two people have so much crap????? No doubt sixteen years living in the same house  with one person being an obsessive fabric & all things sewing collector, and the other a consumate ‘car guy’ has something to do with it. )
It really began to heat up over the weekend, so the work was slow going. Sunday morning we went back out to the yard and moved things around so that we could load the Corvette onto the flatbed trailer, then we brought it home and loaded it into the enclosed trailer. Thank god for an electric winch ( as it is a really heavy car and not running ) .  This we did in fits and spurts, as it hit 100 degrees on Sunday. Things are now being loaded in around it. 
I am removing more from the inside of the house – trying to make things look more spacious. Yesterday I condensed the shelving in my sewing room down to one unit, so I can take the other one apart and load it up. I need to go through the closets again, and really pare down whats left in there. 
The current thinking is that we will have an appraiser come first of next week.  As soon as we get a number from him, we can actually list the house. 
We both have dentist appointments on the 10th, and it’s looking like Richard for sure will leave around the 12th to make another trip north. He might get a friend of his to go with him, in which case I’ll sit this one out. I’m still not ‘working’ ( don’t know if Sal found another in LA to do the builds for the new show ) . Either way, this would be a fairly quick trip. Two days north, two days at the house, and two days back south. 

Am I there yet?

On a side note, we watched the two – disk series “Elisabeth I” starring Helen Mirren last week and it was wonderful.  And also a little film ( in the spirit of Waking Ned Devine)  we watched called “American Women” was pretty amusing.

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Last night we watched “The Devil and Daniel Johnston” ( which I think was recommended by   

??). A documentary about a musician/artist  who slowly goes insane, documenting a lot of it through his own films and music.  It was sad, funny, and fascinating. If that sort of thing is up your alley, it’s really worth watching.    
The other night we watched ” Iron Jawed Angels” which was a great movie about the suffregettes and their plight getting women the right to vote – thanks to 

 for that suggestion. In the vein of voting, next week I get to go to jury duty at the El Cajon courthouse.  Here standard jury service is “one day / one trial “.  Unlike most folks, I hope I get put on a jury.

There was a thing in the paper the other day about the upcoming  www.makerfaire.com   put on by the folks at Make Magazine ( a sort of a ‘popular science’ for today )  www.makezine.com  . It will be in San Mateo the weekend of May 19-20. If I were there, I’d be going to see some of the cool stuff that people come up with. Ethan, if you go, let me know what you see.

The sorting / packing / cleaning / yardwork continues. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

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