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then and now

   This morning I dusted the mantle.

Its finally finished. I realized that since the first time I walked into this house, when I looked over at that wall – which insisted that you look at it – I was looking at something really ugly. No more.
  This is from a couple years ago:  
and this I took yesterday:    and a closeup :

It took two tries to get the color right šŸ˜¦ but its good now. The colored area is inset from the rest of the wall by about two inches. We used the leftover wood from cutting the mantle and the upright supports to make the trim that goes on up to the ceiling, and also put a new ‘beam’ across the top. The beam is actually a 2×8, but once I stained and finished it, it matches the others in the room perfectly. And just because, here’s a shot of the whole thing in action last night ( complete with the man who made it possible )  I set a small picture on the mantle for now, but I need to figure out what to hang on the new wall space.  There is still the carpet / flooring issue to deal with, but that will come later. Little by little.

We also got the rest of the track lighting up over the kitchen counter, replacing this  with these:  the former kitchen chandelier was a match for the lovely dining one  which I replaced with .

I suppose that in thirty years or so, someone will walk through this house and think " oh, my " just as I did. Styles and tastes change over time, but I think I’ll be happy with these choices as long as we live here.

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big list

 It was a good trip to the Big City, but I’m glad to be home. We left amid a lot of rain and bits of snow, and arrived home to beautiful blue sky.
Yesterday morning it all ended when I woke up to snow falling heavily, which lasted a few hours. I think we got two to three inches by noon, but then it warmed up and by late afternoon it was raining. Guess I’m back home. 
With the weather being crappy, I won’t be doing much outside this week in the way of getting things planted that we bought in Seattle.  Yesterday we did go pick up Dad’s old chainsaw from the repair lady ( who’s a nice, mid 50s Harley rider who had to show us her ‘new’ bike – a big dresser ) and lives just a mile or so from here.  It’s now ready to go take down a couple of broken off trees. We also measured and figured out roughly how we will fence at least part of the property, so that Sunny won’t forever have to be tethered to a cable.

I’ve begun to strip the wallpaper off in the guest room. It shouldn’t be too big of a project, but may take a couple of days. The foil layer peeled off good, but now it is the paper under it that will take the work. Bleh. Then, I will paint – but just that wall, as the rest of the room is good.  Then there is a quilt to make for that bed, which I hope to have done before the middle of next month.  And speaking of quilts, I’ve signed up to take a class on using a longarm quilting machine which happens in Astoria this Friday. After taking that class, I’ll be able to go there and rent time using that machine at the shop. I’m so excited about learning something new.

And get the pictures put up in our room, and sew the curtains for the closet, and finish touching up the bird-painted wall in there. 

And get a coat made for a long overdue Christmas present. But the way the weather is going it won’t be out of season. šŸ™‚

And make the curtains for the living room.

And because its so much more fun to plan ( at least for me ) than to actually do, I’ve started working out the details of some new lighting ( which Richard is willing to help me make ) for the kitchen and dining room. Much needed.  Of course, since that is the newest plan, I want to start on it first. But I won’t. 

With all this stuff to do, I don’t think boredom will happen anytime soon. 

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