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 One of the things that I love about sewing, or creating anything in general, is that it puts my brain into motion. The more you do, the more ideas that come. I’ve been working on a list of things to put into my etsy shop, and the list keeps growing. No sooner do I start down one path, begin one project, then I get an idea for something else that seems like a ‘must do’.

So far, the list is sort of like this:

dresses / clothes sewn from vintage patterns ( mostly ’50s )and changed / updated a little –  using modern fabrics 
do I even think about using some of my treasured vintage fabric?

aprons; I have some ideas that I’ve not seen out there at this point

baby quilts – I do have two listed to date

appliqued wall pictures  and patterns to make them

lingirie – slips and stuff out of some of the silks that I have

little origami fabric kimonos – I’ve gotten several listed, and some over on ArtFire as well

soy candles using the cut down wine bottles

bags and accessories

children’s clothes

dog stuff  

housewares – napkins, dish towels, placemats

I’ve been looking through boxes and boxes and boxes of fabrics ( god knows I have them ), and with each box I open there is at least one piece in that’s the perfect thing to make *________* with. Which leads me to the pattern drawers, and searching for the right pattern. I make notes, pull the items out and set them to one side. Repeat. repeat. repeat. It seems like what I’m creating is piles of projects, and I don’t know where to begin. No sooner do I decide on one thing, I get the perfect idea for another.  My brain feels really scrambled and confused right about now. 
And I know this sounds really crazy, but what I want to do is go to a fabric store and wander about. It’s a really calming thing for me to do. Things there are usually in some sort of order, and it’s just in my comfort zone. All of the textures and colors is just good for me. If only there was a good store within an hour’s drive.
In truth there are a couple little things I need so, I sort of have to, but I’ll have to settle for what’s in Astoria, which is not much. 

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