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Shark bit!

 I finally waded into the water and……….I’m recovering.
Since moving here, my hair, which didn’t seem to hardly grow in San Diego, feels like its making up for lost time. Or maybe, since I had let it grow for a few years I couldn’t tell. Anyway, I had got to feeling like if I didn’t find someone locally to cut it soon, I would attempt to do it myself. Now, I wish I had. ( Richard had offered to cut it – but maybe it was only to shut me up ) I made an appointment, and Wednesday went in. Lets just say I am really unhappy. I showed pictures, thought I communicated well, but instead it came out at least a couple inches shorter than I wanted. And totally razor cut ( which I did NOT want ) I think there are some stylists who only use either razor or scissors, and I got one of the former. It’s not a bad haircut, just nothing like what I wanted.Poo. I’m comforted by the fact that it will grow out fairly quickly – I hope! If I get brave I’ll post a pic. 
I also went ( for the first time here ) to a Dr. He’s the same guy Richard is using, and seems like he’ll work out. But, there were some tests that he wanted done – bleh. One on Wed. and more yesterday. I spent the past two afternoons doing battle with the insurance company. There was some serious miscommunication between the hospital ( which sort of functions like a clinic for various tests here ) and the insurance company and it was initially figured that I would have to pay for everything out of pocket – which is not what our insurance reads. Hours and hours later, it got straightened out ( though I think that if I had not raised a fuss I’d have been screwed ) and I am only liable for the ‘co-insurance’ of 25% – whew!  Everyone knows that even that is lots of money – heck, you use a kleenex in the hospital and it costs you big. I truly believe both the insurance companies  and the pharmaceuticals will fight to the death to make sure that there is never any sort of national health care. All the money they can get is not near enough. 

Too much stress for one week.
So, it ended up that I didn’t get much sewing done – damned little, in fact.  Maybe today, now that the drama is over.

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it never ends.

After Richard came home the other day, as we were outside he exclaimed ” what’s that???” and lo and behold, where the little shed used to sit behind the carport was now covered in tree. it had been windy for a couple days, and hideously hot, so I have grown accustomed to parking in the carport. When I left to go get my haircut, everything was normal, and when I returned I parked in the driveway. I didn’t notice the huge part of one of the big pine trees had given up and had fallen and was dangling just above the ground.  This big tree has three trunks, if you will, and one of them had a large branch ( about 10″ ) that was kind of cantilevered out and heavy with growth. Too heavy, it seems.   We were going to deal with it ourselves, but as Richard was going to Home Depot for a new blade for his ( tiny )electric chainsaw, he decided to stop at the corner house.  It is home to a large Equadorian ( 8 kids ) family that has a landscaping business.  The man came up and had a look at it and said sure, for $400 he could take it down and haul it all out of here. Deal.  So they came at 2:00 this afternoon, ( and with several of the kids helping ) in an hour and a half it was all gone. In the 100 degree heat no less. Trailer loaded, and cleaned up. Swell.
Our open house will go on as planned tomorrow. 

And, for the record, I am happy with the new haircut, as is my hubby. Here is a couple of self photos –
   the first one from when the stylist blew it out straight-ish.
and another from today – sans hairdryer – as it has moved to washington already:.
Forgive the deer in the headlights look – I overcompensate trying not to close my eyes, which many of you know is my photo trademark.

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