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project peek

We’re taking a couple days off of working on the fence project. We’re caught up on setting the posts that we had holes dug for. Thursday was spent mixing concrete all day ( me ) and carefully leveling each (Richard’s part ). I think we set 18 posts. bleh. As requested, here are a couple shots to give a feel for what’s happening.

this is the ‘field’ in front of the shop – most of those posts are 8 feet apart.

the south end of the field; we’ll be going past that power pole that you see.
this is on the east side of the house- outside my sewing room and going down towards the shop. You can see my holz hausen there in the corner where the fence will jog around it to go to the corner of the shop. There will be a gate down by the shop, one at the base of the steps to the house that go up to the kitchen side of the deck, and another to the street in the area along the street in the field side (west ).

This is the weekend of the "world’s longest garage sale" here on the peninsula. I went yesterday morning with a friend, and then in the afternoon with Richard. We scored a few things, and I was stunned at the huge amount of people out there hunting.  There are some folks down the street that have a summer home ( who only seem to come a couple times a year ) who brought a trailer full of stuff ( junk, really ) sell – I can’t imagine. There was a nonstop parade of cars there all day, with most people leaving with something in their hands.
So, we’re going to join in the fray today – I’ve decided to take some of the furniture out and see if we can get rid of it, along with a bunch of other stuff that we were ‘saving’ for for the guest house that we will likely never build. The weather is overcast, but should clear up – and hopefully the shoppers will be out in droves.
Wish us luck.

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