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in the spirit of the season, though I’d share something really creepy:
I mean, we all collect something; and I believe you can get a lot of insight by learning what someone collects. But that’s just …… icky.

On a more somber note, still no confirmation on whether or not Richard’s brother and family lost their home. It’s still in the no-go zone.  We found a cool tool though that lets you see the total impact of the fires in an interactive way.  Just go to Google, click on ‘maps’, then to the San Diego fire map.  Lots of good stats there. 

Ethan and my mom are coming today. Yay! It will be good to visit, even though the time will be short. We’ll have birthday dinner for Mom tonight. 
Then they will head back to Seattle tomorrow afternoon.
I picked up a clam licence yesterday, for tonight’s dig.  Just one person, though.  Might be a fun thing under the near full moon. Low tide is around 8:20 p.m.  And it should be very crowded at the beach.

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escaped. again.

 I feel a little weird – four years ago we were in Seattle when the big fire roared through San Diego. This time we are really out – good thing.  
We’ve talked to Lauri and everyone we know is safe at this point. I’ve been keeping track of the local happenings by watching the live broadcast from www.10news.com   .   I understand that the CNN reports need to be general, but I get tired of hearing about Malibu and the greater LA area.

Here in Ocean Park,  we spent yesterday afternoon burning some brush and doing some outdoor cleanup. The weather had cleared up and it was somewhere near 70 degrees out.  Today is also clear and gorgeous here. I feel so lucky. No doubt there will be a lot more stormy days so I am relishing in this weather. 

I’ve made progress in the kitchen with rearranging things to make it a bit more workable. Now I’m itching to start removing the fabric & wallpaper from the bedroom walls and get something done in there.  Painting, for a start. Then the carpet.  
There’s a growing pile of furniture and ‘stuff’ to get rid of downstairs.  

I need to pull mayself away from the news, and get with it.

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