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 That is the beginning of the process – lots and lots of selvages I asked friends and guild members to save selvages for me, and they just keep coming. Still. I have a much bigger box stuffed full of them than when I began these selvage projects. I keep thinking that maybe I should call off the saving of them, but just maybe I’ll attempt another ‘something’. 
This  is what became of all those bits. And a pic of the back  
It measures about 70 x 60 inches.
I had one block of the border leftover, and made it into the label. I’m calling it "Mrs Spider Served Up Leftovers". The top of the back looks a little off, but it’s just an illusion; I used the cut off from the backing and sewed it on to make the hanging sleeve. I used a stripey fabric for the pieced inset on the back and for the binding. 

I gotta say, I love me some bias stripey binding.

I marked out the quilting lines with one of those magical Pilot Frixion pens. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love these pens.I’m somewhat of a marking item and notions geek. I used those blue felt type pens for years, and usually a little spritz with water makes the marks go away. But these,  you draw or write, and when you want  the lines to go away, a warm iron will magically make them disappear! Really. I tried drawing out a few different designs for the stitching lines, and settled on one, and when I was finished – poof! All of those red ink lines were gone. All of the working the quilt through the machine was tiring, but the walking foot worked well. 

I just have the sleeve and the label to sew on the dresses quilt, and then I’ll be done with all three and ready for the show.


Next up – some piece of clothing maybe. 


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