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mini road trip part 1

 On Saturday we left early for the drive into Portland – dropping Richard6 off at the airport. We pick him up there on Easter Sunday. It will be an odd week with just the two of us and Sunny ( who doesn’t understand when someone goes missing ). 

We made the obligatory stop at Fabric Depot, then went on to have lunch at the Country Cat.  We stumbled on it, and I will return. Never before have I wanted to gush over tomato soup and a grilled cheese, but……….The tomato soup was smoked, and the grilled cheese was on thick challah bread, brushed with garlic oil, and a generous amount of jack cheese. Add to that a beer: perfection. Rarely do I want to eat until I can’t, but, this was what grilled cheese and tomato soup dream of being. 

Then we headed east. Highway 84 goes out toward Hood River and beyond, along the Columbia. We stopped at Latourell Falls and made the hike to the top and down the other side. You don’t know when you start out, that you’re in for a spectacular sight if you keep going past the first drop and up to the top what a treat you’re in for. Here is the first view: Along the way were lots of tiny bleeding hearts  along with tons of trilliums beginning to bloom. Water water everywhere, making noise, little streams feeding into the bigger ones. Up near the top, you round the corner to see this:  See the couple standing behind the falls? It is huge. And loud.   
We walked back down, and I just had to stop and go to the little spot above the lower falls ( sort of off the path ) and take a couple of shots. 
 These falls go straight down and here is what you see below  (the little blips on the path are people ) Needless to say, this made someone  ( Richard, not me ) pretty nervous.  I don’t ever remember seeing such giant clover? . It took a couple hours to go up and back. It was the perfect way to burn off that lunch.

We stopped briefly at Multnomah Falls, and it was toooo crowded to be there for more than a minute. We ended up in Hood River, in a nice motel right on the river. Perfect.


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Home. again.

 It was a long / short week. The trip down to San Diego was nice, albeit breif, but I did get to see some friends. 
As things played out, there were a few problems with the Falcon  (one of them resulted in killing my phone, so I’ve been without for several days, and the replacement should arrive today) . I am so happy that I had decided beforehand to just ride back with Richard. The couple days that I was there, Richard ended up dealing with his ‘stuff’  – readying his yard space to leave for a few months until the next trip. That will be early spring, I think, and hopefully the last load.  The best part is that the yard rent will be either really small or nonexistent now ( his yard buddy will take over his vacated area ). 
We left there Sunday morning – perfect timing weather-wise. I guess we got through the mountains of northern California and southern Oregon just ahead of the big snowstorm they are having now. 
On the way, we stopped and had a good overnight visit with Ethan and Sarah. Their kitties are pretty friendly when my annoying dog isn’t around.  We got home around 2:00 pm on Tuesday. Unloaded the truck, and then yesterday we left here around 7:00 and drove into Longview to catch the Amtrak at 9:30.  Mom picked us up downtown and we went to her house to pick up my car and Sunny. She was a wiggling, squeaking, ball of nuttiness. I think that once again she thought she might never see Richard again.  We left right away, and headed back to Longview to pick up the truck, then drive home. Whew – one more 13 hour day of being on the road.  It rained buckets from Longview to here in spots, and my hands actually were a little tired from gripping the steering wheel so hard, watching for animals and downed trees on the road ( we came upon an elk standing in the middle of the road in the morning darkness, so I was pretty wary ). 

There is a big list of things to do before we drive into Seattle on Monday morning. We’ll only be there a couple days, then come back. 
And stay for a while. 

Yipes, its almost Christmas!!
I guess I had better get busy.

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