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the gift

 Last week when I got the surprise visit, my Mom brought along a box of ties that had belonged to my grandfather and my father. There were some gems in there. Some are seriously worn, some with stains, but most all of them are interesting. I can’t help but marvel at tie design. Either the jacquard design or the print has to be on the bias for the pattern to set up to look like it does when the tie is worn. 
 This is the group that have something interesting somewhere on the front section. There was a total of 75 in the box, with six of them being super ginormous 1980’s polyester ties. Discard. Or rather, pass them along. This left me with 69, and just under half had the groovy fronts. The rest of them are a nice mix    
There were a couple that I just fell in love with because………  well, see??? I’m baffled as to the ‘T’ woven into the black one, it is very tiny – no more than half an inch tall. And those next to it, are they nails? golf tees? Some of them have labels – with style cues, even     and testimonials, even

Anyway, what to do with them is what I’ve been pondering while I work on the dresses quilt. This morning I thought to look for some inspiration on flicker, and I think I found it. Something on the order of this, and no, it’s not one of those "tie skirts" or vests from the latter half of the last century (I don’t want to be the old hippie chick, with my twirl tie skirt, and long hair with the tie headband). 
It will be added to the list, I think. 

So, the current progress on the dresses quilt is 66 blocks quilted!!!! Which leaves me 33 to go – hooray!  I am getting quicker, and so far no issues. A couple cute ones from the last group  I barely eeked out the pieces for this pink one of cute little dogs with green sombreros. 

Julie, I paired the back of this one with the front with you in mind. 

I’m hoping to finish these up today or tomorrow, then start working on the layout. 
Seems like a good plan, as it has begun raining again…………


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and not much of it.  
Over the weekend there was an open house both on Saturday and Sunday for 3 hours each day. We had four parties come on Sat. and five on Sun – one of them being a repeat of the day before.  The love the house, but I think they need to sell theirs, or something. Hmm. Anyway, that’s it until weekend after this, unless the realtor decides to have a weeknight open house.  
It’s already getting old, having to keep everything ‘just so’. No making messes in the kitchen that can’t be quickly cleaned up. No lingering smell of food.  And I keep going to get something or another that is no longer here, it is in Washington. 
Two weeks ago I had a good sized, painful lump in my right breast; saw the doctor, and by the time I got in for a mammogram and an ultrasound last week, it had all but dissapeared. Everything came out normal, thank god – but I think it is really stress related. Add to that stress the thought of it being the big C and as much as I tried to ‘let it go’, I was just a mess. I think I’m better now, but just tired of it all. 

Yesterday was Justin’s birthday – hard to believe that he’s 33. Yipes. That makes me………..even older, aghhhh!

My favorite blog, http://www.dressaday.com/dressaday.html  has put in one of the patterns that I sent to her ( though she credited the wrong one with being my grandmother’s ) and it generated a lot of discussion regarding the wearing of dresses to do ‘chores’ in. I am a skirt and dress wearer – especially in the heat they are so much cooler.  There are frequent posts dealing with vintage patterns there, and its amusing to see that an awful lot of them are ones in my collection ( including the one today ).  If you have some time, there are some great short stories that she’s written there, off to the right , titled “The Secret Lives of Dresses’.  

Sarah and her sister are at the beach house, and it looks like they are having wonderful weather.  It has cooled off here by a good 10 degrees, and I am relishing in it.

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