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road trip

On Saturday we made a trip to Dallas to pick up the dining set. It was an all day affair, as the drive down 101 and then over towards Salem took nearly four hours. Luckily for us, there was none of the predicted snow, and it was a beautiful drive. On the way, Richard spotted this truck:   which looked to be perched at least 20 feet up in the tree. Yard art? hmmm.  And on the way back, in a little town called Rockaway Beach, there was this gorgeous skinny house: 
     . The worst thing abouit it was that it sits on the main street. But, what an architectural beauty.

So, we brought the dining set home; the guy had a house full of mid-century furniture, and was replacing the dining set because he’d decided that he wanted all teak furniture, and this set is walnut. It’s not the set that I started out wanting, but after looking nearly nonstop for weeks and weeks, my taste evolved some, and I am so happy with it. The clean lines of the chairs fit perfectly in our house.
We’ve spent the past couple of days going over it with 0000 steel wool, a refinishing oil, and wax. After 47 years, it needed a lot of TLC. I also changed out the seat cushion fabric ( the existing looked like it came from a blue 80’s motorhome and it was really dirty ) with something I had bought a couple years back. The bummer is that though there are three leaves, there are only five chairs. Here’s the finished product: 

I guess now the next stop is placemats. That will be today’s project.

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