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(gasp!) Air!

The last few weeks has not seen the intended updates here. There is just too much stuff going on with a senior (the high school one) right now.

I finally got some things added / listed in my etsy shop, and will do so again next week.

I’m currently in the middle of working through a long list of projects for this coming weekend’s trunk show at our local coffee roasters. Like nearly everything else lately, I get in sort of a freeze with the stuff that needs to be done. I think about it, obsess about what to do first.  Of course the list always includes more fabric  (yes, mom. more), because that piece I just saw would be perfect for ______________ .  Finally, the other day I made The List of what I wanted to have for this show. Like I seem to do with lists, I just kept adding to it until the paper was filled up. But, it helped me prioritize, I think. I spent Friday sorting and choosing fabrics for new messenger bags ( get the hardest things done first is my strategy)and doing all the cutting and fuseing. Yesterday I had four finished – one more than on my list, aka goal sheet as I’m now calling it.

I moved on to ‘mug rugs’, which are about half the size of a place mat – just big enough for a cup of coffee and a pastry. They’ll be part of some gift baskets, which will have coffee in a little gift bag, to-go cup sleeves, a and soft bin to hold it all.  It seemed like a good way to use up scraps, so…………I dumped out my scrap bin and began to color sort. I really do my best at keeping my work space pretty tidy. If everything is a jumble I just can’t seem to focus on the task at hand. So this           is sort of hard for me to take / work around. But I think it makes me go faster to get that part done, so that all those scraps can go back to their bin.  I did get eight of them pieced and quilted, now they just need the bindings on.

Then it will be on to two or three other handbags, about 40 headbands, 30 coffee sleeves, bins, maybe some baby gift stuff ( that might just get shelved until the next show in a few weeks) , some tea-towels, aprons, napkins and I don’t remember what else. At the end of the week, I’ll put up some pics of what I actually accomplished off of the goal sheet.

I took Friday night off, and went clamming with my friend. We drove the old jeep a couple miles north of here on the beach, and set out with her lantern ( I broke the glass in mine just before we left ) and the clam guns. It was dark and windy, but there was no rain, so still there were quite a few people out braving the elements in search of the wiley clam. We walked out and started hunting for the little holes; I dug the first one, and within a span of twenty minutes we both had our limits of 15 clams each. All in a space of about 15 feet square.  The only bummer is that Richard had to come and give us a jump as the jeep didn’t want to start.  We had planned on going out Saturday as well, but the driving rain that night just wasn’t attractive.

And now, a little moment of nature. These guys were just sort of hanging in the sunshine on Friday morning across the street.  Mama and her two young ones. She stood there over them for nearly an hour before she laid down as well.  After fifteen minutes or so, dad showed up:  and moved everyone along.

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damn deer.

I came home from Seattle with three large beautiful hostas, and a box of other assorted plants, courtesy of my sister Gretchen.  My plan was to plant the hostas out in the triangle area along side the driveway. They could grow and fill in nicely there. Or so I thought.  Because I’ve been feeling lousy and I wanted to sew, they hadn’t gotten in the ground just yet. This morning I went out to see that something had a nice meal:
 which is half of what it was, and this:  Damn deer! I was just starting to like them again, too. There are young ones about lately, and they are sooo cute, if they’re across the street, or anywhere that they’re not eating my stuff. These plants were sitting just outside the fence on my little planting table. I guess I should be happy that I hadn’t planted them yet. Foo. So, now I need to find them a nice, safe place.

Moving on.

I was able to make and finish two quilts for the charity project. I used flannel that I had in the stash, and made whirlygig quilt blocks, in an easy quilt-as-you-go style. They turned out very sweet. One girly, here      and one for a baby boy     . The guild collected 27 baby quilts yesterday, and we agreed to try to donate three times per year; these should keep pace with the approx. five per month that are given out.  

Now, I’ve got some planting to do, and get back to my spider web quilt.

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I now have the quilt top together, and the first border on. Next I want to add a narrow border using one of the other colors in the quilt, and then a wide red border to finish it off. I’m excited because it came together well, and I like it better than I liked the fabric originally ( the pink is obnoxiously bright ). I have fabric for the back that should work. The bummer is that in order for it to be big enough for my bed, I would have to add two or three more borders, and I don’t think that would look good. I want to do another one in the same style, but I feel like the next project I make should utilize fabric I already own, since I have soooo much.

The next quilt will be one where I have more control over the finished size, unlike this one. Several years ago, I made a quilt block that looked like little vintage dresses. I have a nice stash of 30s & 40s reproduction prints which would be perfect.

This is all good to do during our still crappy weather. We did have a sort of nice day on Friday, and we drove the Falcon to Astoria (Richard said that is the farthest he had ever driven it in the 6 or 8? years that we’ve owned it ). We went price-shopping for fence materials. We’ve decided to fence in a large portion of the property both to keep the deer out and the dog in. We’ll be doing it ourselves, so it behooves us to shop around for the materials.  It will be a similar wood frame and wire type like what we had put up in Santee, and fairly easy for us to do. I’m dying to plant more stuff, but fear the deer would never leave the new buffet.

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