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shopping local

Today we went shopping for a mantle for the fireplace. We took advantage of the great weather, and went to Waikiki Beach. Not that one, but a beach down at the park at the end of the peninsula. There was a lot of wood to choose from:
While we were there, we contemplated bringing home this new car ——  
but decided that we have too many already.
We did find a good piece – no surprise –  and then had to haul it out of there. Easier said than done- it took us a couple of hours. It was about seven feet long, and 20" across, and heavy. We drug it with straps, rolled it on small logs, and once off the beach finally put it on a hand truck to wheel it to the truck. You can take wood, but no power tools ( chainsaws ) are allowed in the park. We took it to a local guy who has a small saw mill. He is supposed to call us in a couple days when he goes to cut it, then we’ll go and have him cut a 4×8 out of it with the edge that we want. I can’t wait to have that whole fireplace project finished.

The other day there was yet another critter – a whole family, actually – at the bird feeder. Sunny saw them, as the feeder is about eight feet from the sliding door, and her barking chased them off – Here’s an ‘I spy" pic
that Richard took. Today the deer were back, looking for the free lunch. They don’t scare away easily. I’ve learned how to shake the ‘no barking’ can ( that we use for Sunny ) together with a gibberish goofy holler, and they run. I need to teach them that the crazy person is here and they should stay away. Until we get a fence, and that could be awhile. Its a fun game.
The other night as it was clouding up, I got this great picture  .

I’ve been making good progress knitting on a sweater. Maybe I’ll have it done in the next few days.

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more critter news

I thought I’d post a couple of pics of our tormenters—-  first just mom:
  mom and baby
and here is Sunny keeping watch over the register where we had one of the ‘tickers’ plugged in – she was this way for hours, dozing occasionaly – because its hard work keeping watch like that:

And finally, here’s one from our walk up to the North Head lighthouse yesterday. There were a couple of deer having lunch who only barely moved off of the path, and didn’t seem to mind having their photos taken – even if they were eating (  I sure hate it when someone does that to me ).

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