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 So, our local quilt show.
Mom and I went on Saturday afternoon, and things were humming along. It is held in the museum in Ilwaco, which is a really nice space. Well lit, clean, warm and dry. We had a little more than 100 quilts – a nice showing for our small guild of 60 members. I only took a few pictures though, as it was somewhat crowded on Saturday when we went. I counted on taking more when I went on Sunday to work the raffle table – not so – it was even busier! I did my part to help hawk tickets to our raffle quilt – which we sold out of for only the second time ever, btw. All 3000 at $1 apiece!    But, i didn’t win. All of the money raised goes to local charities.
One of my favorites was this large quilt from the forties, all embroidered by hand ( many hands, I think ):

Then there were several variations on the ‘red-and-white block exchange’ quilts. I love how with something so simple, everyone interprets it in an entirely different way. My version:  A large one mixed with black and white prints:  
and lastly a slice and dice of those same nine patch blocks, mixed with another print: .

Near the end of the show, the Richards showed up and helped with the take down. It was cute to see Richard so excited to see his quilt hanging in the show, and he got several compliments on it. Nice. 
I also saw a woman carrying this:  which I immediately fell in love with. This is a variation on the candy wrapper bag – done out of juice drink packets. Of course I came home and had to find a tutorial   , but the top and handles are not smooth and flat like this one. I could buy one from here , but I want the orange version, not the multicolor that they have.  Of course I could have any color I want if I’m willing to eat and collect lots of chips – those Kettles brand chips  have great colors in their range of packages. Then learn how to do the weaving. This company has a lot of interesting bags as well – have a look at those made with drink can pop-tops nearer to the bottom of the page. I could do that!! Seriously though, how many trash-y things do I want to be collecting????
I have a large bunch of bottles for the candles that are overtaking a portion of the garage, waiting to be cut down, polished and finished. 

We’ll be in Portland on Saturday, I might just stop into the shop that the orange bag above came from. Just to see what might be on the shelf. 

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crafty stuff

I used to despise the word ‘crafty’.If someone told me I was ‘so crafty’ it would feel like an insult, as it conjured up visions of senior bazaars full of crocheted acrylic baby things and the like. Thank goodness that word has been reinvented in the past few years.
This year for Christmas I decided to try a new craft. Like I needed something else to learn. But, we were amassing a lot of wine and liquor bottles that Richard was cutting down, for vases mostly. I decided to make some into candles. Container candles, out of soy wax. It was pretty easy, and I love to try my hand at a new thing. We gave several away as gifts, and now are collecting bottles all over again to make more, which I’ll list in the etsy shop. Here’s some of the finished products:
   A few were left with the labels intact, or that had silk screened labels, and the rest I made a simple wrap out of silk. 

I also made a few aprons – this is what I’m calling the "clean and simple reversible bistro apron"
 which reverses to this     

and this one:

 which reverses to this: 

I also made a whole bunch of little kimonos and gave them to my sister – these are modeled after some origami ones but I made mine out of silk and brocade that I had in my stash. Here are a couple:
They are about 7" tall. They could be ornaments, or set into a shadowbox frame.
I’ve cut out several more, and will put them in the etsy shop as well.

Next week I should have time to sew; we finished moving / cleaning things out in the den to make it over from the storage area to a guest room. Little Richard arrives in just over a week, and I think we’re mostly ready. Richard put new lighting in both the den and the ( old guest room ) and little Richard’s room. I only  need to get a couple more under bed boxes to stow some clothes out of the  closet in, so he’ll have room for his own things. 

Company’s coming – this weekend it will be Ryan and his girlfriend. Unfortunately it is supposed to continue to rain in buckets full for the next couple of days. foo.


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