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If you live anywhere near San Diego, the entire media is all atwitter with Comic-Con. It has turned into the largest convention that the city holds each year. This year, the big story is that it’s become BIG, selling out in advance for both Friday and Saturday, with tickets being scalped on Craigslist. Expected attendance is to top 125,000 . It’s an interesting thing that what used to be just a comic-book and action figure gathering has actually turned in to a media convention, with the media pimping and covering itself in a variety of ways. Yesterday in the paper there was a multi-page article about the makeup and inner workings of a superhero, and all of their strengths and neuroses. ?????  Today it was at least six pages dealing with the crowds, the booths, and events within the halls themselves, showing the requisite folks dressed in Star Wars garb (and mostly everyone not in costume looking extremely tired, or bored).

The other big news here is that the city of El Cajon has now banned smoking in all public places except in your backyard, and in your car. Except if someone complains that your smoke is bothering them, then wherever you are, that will be illegal too. It has passed the city council, and gets a second vote in a month. Stupid.  Not that I smoke, and I like that you never have to be in a restaraunt where there’s smoking, but good god, that’s too much. 

There have been a couple of folks who’ve looked at the house this week, and tomorrow and Sunday there will be an open house for three house each afternoon. Seems like the realtor is doing his best to “work it”.  Fine by me – I want this thing gone – so I can be too.

It’s been hot and humid this week; in the mid 90s and oh so sticky……..

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