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Anyone who knows me knows that I have this infatuation of mid-century stuff. Is it because that is the stuff of my childhood, a simpler time, or maybe I just like the aesthetic and design of it all. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure it out, but in the end it doesn’t matter. 

One of the things I collect is the Plates aka BBQ plates, grill plates, divided plates. Ceramic, not glass. Not State plates ( though I have a few in a box that were my grandmother’s – anyone want a San Francisco expo plate from the 30’s? ) And at this point they need to fall into a theme of bbq, western, or something quintessentially ’50’s. I collected without parameters for a few years, and then began weeding out some that didn’t suit. I sent the florals packing, mostly; ditto any others that I wasn’t in love with (anymore).  I had them on the wall in the kitchen in the old house, and they were in boxes here up until a week ago.   
Maybe I have my mom to thank – when I was a kid, I recall her bringing out the ‘summer dishes’ ( according to my dad she changed dishes like some change socks ). These were the perfect dishes in my book as I was ( okay, still am ) a picky eater and the dividers made sure that the jello didn’t touch the chicken or corn.  They eventually made their way into our camping stuff, as others had before and after. We had a huge collection of grocery store ‘ironstone’ at one point – dark brown rimmed with drippy cream colored glaze around the edges that came from the ‘item of the week’ at A&P, or was it IGA? Week by week we got everything imaginable offered – two sizes of bowls, mugs, platters, salt and pepper shakers, the works – and I think service for 12 to boot!  The plates from that set might still be in my camping box. But I digress – it was these bbq plates   that I loved. I had them for years, in a box, but when I remembered them they had somehow disappeared in the many moves. I vowed to find them again, and did. It took awhile, but I have a set of 12?  at this point.   Along the way I also collected some great black and white b-b-q plates and have enough to use as everyday service, if I get some white bowls to go with. When I started the search, I kept finding others that I liked, and it grew to the current collection. 
Last week I painted the kitchen – and could not wait to hang them up.  I also put up the pretty nickel plated tin chocolate molds ( along with the two tiny plates that were a mistake/learning experience – tip: always check the size! )  a closer shot of some of the bbq themed plates  . I ended up putting some of the ‘others’ along the east wall. Until we get new cabinets, this rack will be part of the storage area, and I need to reorganize it ( again ) so disregard the messy there.  A shot of a couple of rocketship plates – these are restaurant china and really heavy :  not to mention cute and happy.

So, the kitchen is bright now, and I’m happy when I walk in. Orange you glad I…………

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