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We went to dinner at a Mexican resturaunt the other night, and while we were sipping margaritas and waiting for our food, I saw a family  – a young mother and father near 30-ish with a woman ( this would be grandma ?) who appeared to be my age eating dinner a few tables away from us. next to them in a stroller sat a 2 year old, and in the top half of the stroller was an infant in a baby carrier. Odd thing was, on the table top facing the toddler was a personal DVD player with a disney cartoon playing. The child was zoned out watching it ( which was obviously the point ) and throughout the entire meal none of the adults ever even looked at him ( or the baby )!    A few tables away there was a big extended Latino family that was celebrating someone’s birthday and there were several children with the group of 12 or so, who were quite obviously  the highlight of the table, mixing with everyone – especially the dad and grandpa – while behaving themselves. Talk about ‘family values’ –  my heart went out for the little boy in the stroller, who I thought must spend most of his time in a similar situation – there was no attempt to include him with the family – no food, nothing but the dvd.      I read in the paper today that two children have died in the past two days from being left in hot cars. One of them by his grandmother while she ‘visited’ a boyfriend and fell asleep; and the other by his 18 year old uncle ” he wanted to play in his mom’s car” while I visited my friend.  How can people be so f*#&^! up????

It is still hot here. No surprise.  And pretty humid as well. Bleh. 
I found a small hand-held steam cleaner really cheap on Craigslist the other day to use on the tile. I spent the other day steam cleaning all of the tile in the kitchen – floor and counter tops, as well as the tile in both of the bathrooms. If it wasn’t hot and humid enough already I sure added to it. But it was worth it, because it worked great.   Today I did a ‘refinish’ of our bedroom floor. Richard has the carport cleaned out and the fence next to it rebuilt. I will paint it during the week. He needs to pressure wash the under side of the carport cover, as well as the floor. Problem is, there is a little bird nest on a beam in the middle of the ceiling – with three baby birdies in it ( little finches ). It will be a week or two before they are out of there ( I think ). What to do? 
I have an appraiser scheduled for Thursday morning.  Richard and a friend of his are leaving on Wednesday to make the next trip. The trailer is full.  I’m happy that I don’t have to go, but bummed because I don’t get to go. Not like I have nothing to do here. Richard’s birthday will be while he is on the return trip, which makes me a little sad.

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