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all the flowers

Its that time of year here. Flowers everywhere.
I have a neighbor who has a little flower stand that she sells boquets at in her driveway. But for a multitude of reasons not this year. So, instead, I look two doors down the street from my house to this:  Hundreds of dahlias, glads, lillies and essentially just a riot of color.
Me, not so much. I have a lot of sunflowers ( courtesey of the birds ) in random places  and nasturtums and the lillies along with some sweet peas which have finally begun to bloom. I know it takes time, so I thought I’d fake in a few. The boat is finished being painted, and we took it off the stand. Now to fill it with dirt, and figure out the ton of bulbs that I’ll put in it for next year. Meanwhile, the flowers that I painted on it will keep some color in the yard until the real thing happens.  and  
I painted a couple hundred little white flowers to brighten it up:  I’m calling it done with the paint. ( I have no idea if the paint will weather or not ) Now, all of that paint will go back to the household recycler where I got it last month.
I’m nearly done with the big suitcase/bag thing. I’m calling it a learning experience ( I’ll make it again, but with some revisions). 

The  weather has been wonderful, so it’s outside time for a few days. Get the rest of some plants in the ground, dirt in the boat, touch up the paint on the house, remove the kitchen door and put siding over the space.
Pour over catalogs for bulbs.
For more flowers.


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