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catching up

 So, the retreat.  
Actually this year I feel way better about it. I had fun. Made a few new friends. Saw some interesting work. ( and some not )
The food was again forgettable, but I went prepared for that. Maybe lots of other people thought the same thing, because the snack table was absolutely loaded with an assortment of goodies – both homemade and store bought. I made a huge pan of Pumpkin Blondies, with pecans, dried cranberries and golden raisins which were yummy. They were gone after the second day. 
The weather was not as stormy, at least for the first couple of days, which meant that I was able to take the half mile hike to the falls this time.       It was really beautiful with the sunlight peeking through. There were really huge  – like 18" – maple leaves like I’ve never seen before   And in the creek, there were big salmon spawning   

I sat with a group of eight women who had known each other for 20+ years. They sort of adopted me, which made the whole retreat so much better. My new portable table worked perfectly, and there was no shortage of oooh’s and ahhh’s. 
One of them is a quilt pattern designer; I made one of her patterns into the orange quilt.  She made the same quilt while there over the weekend in really cool Kaffe Fasset fabrics for a friend of hers.  There were a few other really cool quilts:
this string quilt was pieced using telephone book pages as foundation papers  and this quilt was made using vintage ( ’60s era ) sheets – I’m in love –   
I finished the top for my spider web selvage quilt and then started another project, also with selvages ( I hadn’t planned on actually finishing the first one and so I wasn’t very prepared with real fabric).  I still need to add borders, a back, and quilt and bind it. 
One of the women there, Sarah, introduced me to Blythe. I had seen them, but never close up or in person. She and her mom both had them, and in between other projects made a few new clothes for them. Sooo cute. Sarah even knit hers a sweater, complete with a hood that fits the doll’s really big head. Of course I had to take a couple of pictures    
Now, I find myself looking on ebay for one ( these dolls are not sold in the states ) and sooner or later I might get lucky and find one at a price I could afford. I could always justify it by using it as a model for clothes that I could make to sell for them, right?  Did you know that their eyes change colors with the pull of a string? 
I digress. 
So, I sewed a lot over the four days. Well, technically we were there for three days, arriving on Thursday afternoon and leaving on Sunday just after lunch. I stayed up until 10:30, 11:30, and midnight each of the three evenings sewing and talking. I met a few really great people and I’m thinking I’ll go back next year. 
Me and my car full o’ stuff rolled out of there on Sunday afternoon pointed to Seattle. Since it was Mom’s birthday on Monday and I was halfway there already, I thought I’d show up to surprise her.
Which I did.

I’ll continue later.

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