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Even though I had been told ( by my all-plant-knowing-sister, thanks, Gretchen! ) that we had some wild huckleberies here, I didn’t give it a whole lot of thought until the last couple days. While we were doing prep work for the painting outside, I realized that there were lots of berries on one of the bushes. Then I looked around and saw that most all of the bushes were loaded with these same small berries. (maybe when they’re green they just blend in with the rest of the bush ) I had always thought of huckleberries as the ones that were in my grandmothers garden – the salmon colored ones. We have just one of those bushes, but there are the ones with the small dark blue ones everywhere. Lining the driveway, along the edge and through the wooded area of the property, and in most all of the vegetation off of the west side of the deck.  How cool to suddenly see that you’re surrounded in fruit – free for the picking.  This changes my idea of landscaping for next year. I’ll be leaving a lot of those right where they are.
 here is my initial bowl full
I need to figure out an easier way to sort and clean them, but I’m tickled that this is what we have.

We now have the cleanest house – all pressure washed and scrubbed with a sort of bleach solution/ siding wash. We’ve also removed all of the little upright pickets from all of the deck and stair railings – somewhere around 250 of them ( most with stubborn rusty screws ) and already the house seems way more opened up from both the inside and the outside. Now we have to let it all dry for a week or so before painting can begin. That gives us time to replace some siding, close up the old kitchen door, and re-caulk lots of areas where the weather has beaten things up.

And while I’m still thinking about food, we watched a great documentary the other night – which will change the way you think about food today.

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