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 So, yesterday I took advantage of the perfect weather we’re having and did things like hang laundry on the line, wash the car, and do some weeding. While we were gone for a week or so, the flowerbed that we put in along the front of the garage burst into bloom. The rain that happened at the beginning of the week kind of hammered some of it, but with the past few days of sun, this is what its looking like:
and the ones that I transplanted to the stairs are beginning to bloom as well:  We saw this odd looking jellyfish on the beach  when Sunny and made the five mile ( round trip ) walk into town for ice cream in the afternoon. I suppose like lots of other things, jellyfish have some sort of seasonality, or maybe a migration pattern? I’ve seen a few of the little clear ones before here, but this big ( 9″ ) amber one was new to me. 
I never ventured into Long Beach to see the kites, maybe today…….

I want to do some sewing, but that’s best left to a day when its rainy out.


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