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kitchen attire

I played hooky from my alterations the other day. The client is out of town right now, so…….

For weeks now ( months, maybe?) I’ve been grousing about the apron that I usually wear. Yes, I wear an apron nearly every day. I cook, and don’t like the splatters that grace my clothes if I neglect to don one, and the convenience of a place to wipe my hands is the bonus. I’ve sold a few aprons in my etsy shop, but they are the half apron variety. Cute, though not the coverage that I want when I’m at the stove.

So, off I go shopping. In my sewing room.  Surely there must be something in one of the boxes of vintage fabrics that I’ve been ‘saving’ for just the right thing. One of the things I collect is old cotton prints – lots of these are the 50’s era, 36″ width variety. If you want to make a dress, you’ll need several yards. A 50’s full-skirted dress can easily take 7 or more yards using those narrow fabrics, so you have to get creative.

Will it come from the “pinks and greys” box?

The “greens and blues ” box?   

Or the “reds, blacks, & browns” box?    Hmmm, hard to choose.  In the end I opted for making two, as I couldn’t decide:

   and, I had enough of this to make a second one to put in the shop.  And the other was a shoe-in as I had just the perfect amount to eek out what I wanted::    I think both of these came from some estate or yard sale in the past few years.  The best thing about looking at old fabrics is that each time I decide on something else that I want to make from a particular piece. Sometimes I’ll lay the pattern of choice in the box, then when I open it up again see if I still know what it was to be paired with. If not, then I put the pattern back in the cabinet.  Other times, a piece begs me to sew it up right there and then.

After the aprons, it seemed only logical to give the table a new cloth as well. I found this fabric in a box a couple weeks ago and decided that it would be better suited to go under my new (to me) dishes than shopping bags.    Um, I guess I should have given it a final pressing.

Now, back to those alterations…………

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been awhile……

 Somehow time just disappears, the days go by, and suddenly it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted. 

Life with a teenager in the house has been an adjustment. We’ve been working on setting up some routines, and little by little things are getting more comfortable for everyone. It’s good. Grades are better than they’ve been in a long time, and we hope to improve on this new trend.

I spent several days last week sewing at least for a couple hours. I combed through the stash, and in the end got several aprons sewn. Now, to figure out how to photograph them; possibly a backdrop of trees? I would really like to move the dressform outside; hopefully the weather will cooperate. We’re supposed to get several days of much needed sunshine. 

I also completed my sample quilt. I say sample because I wanted to test out a quilt-as-you-go technique; my hope is to do it on the big quilt out of all of the vintage scraps from Grandma T. 
    and a detail shot:  and the back:    It is small, wall hanging size, about 20 x 24 inches. I quilted each block on the machine, trimmed them, and assembled them with the narrow sashing. It’s cute – only improvement I think I could make is to hand quilt. I don’t think that’s my cup of tea. I’ve entered it, along with a couple quilts, into our guild’s show next month. I also made this ‘challenge block’ which I really like  . The challenge block is a thing where you use the three specified fabrics, and make them into any 12" block. They are displayed together at the show, and the people attending can vote. The winner will win $50. As compared to the others I saw last week at the meeting, I think I have a good chance. 

With those things done, I’m moving on to another baby quilt or two. Some little girl’s dresses, and order more wax for the candle project.

Meanwhile, the weather is getting nicer, and I vow to get a handle on the weeding a lot earlier this year. 

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