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Big Parade

In our little town there is a Fourth of July Parade, which we attended for the first time this year. Richard and I rode our bicycles to town to watch it, and meet up with friends there. Sunny ran alongside there and back – it seemed like she did great, but was exhausted for the next couple of days 😦
  From the crowds you’d think it was a really big event:   but the whole route is about a half mile and the parade lasted about 45 minutes, tops. There were a lot of the usual things – decorated cars :   and  my goal is to have the Jeep painted and participate in it next year. I did get Richard on board with letting me lead the painting / dedorating? of it but it wasn’t in the cards for this year.  There aren’t a lot of floats, but there are plenty of classic cars, bicycles, strollers, dogs & their walkers, local politicians( riding in any sort of convertibles that someone they know owns), flatbed trucks carrying a group or organization. The parade began with the firetrucks  both antique and the current ones, I assume so that they can go do their job if need be. The biggest float was from the Army Corps of Engineers ( they are the builders and maintainers of the jettys at the mouth of the Columbia River )  and an interesting local flavor float  – is it a honor to be chosen to be the big razor clam?? Several cute little ‘floats’ like this with the kids tossing candy to the crowd  There was a group of basset hounds from the Northwest Basset Rescue, which got the requisite awwww’s from the crowd.

But the highlight is the clerks from the local grocery store doing their Shopping Cart Drill Team  – I was able to take a little video:

After that finale there are a couple of horses and that’s it. Good times.
We went to a friends house for a potluck ‘chicken cookoff’ dinner, then came back and went with the Richards and the dogs to the beach to watch the fireworks. It was an incredible show. The beach was soooo busy with people, fireworks and an incoming tide – there were a couple cars that looked as though they may have gotten stranded. The Richards attempted to go for a beach ride, but the rapidly incoming tide and fog bank sort of put the kabosh on that. As for me, the busy days caught up and I just plain crashed, watching a few more fireworks from the bedroom window as I fell asleep.
Beach cleanup the next morning was good, and I was suprised at how well folks had picked up in the dark the night before. My friend and I each got just a partial bag full of firework debris.
Sunday afternoon all of the Richards and one of the dogs ( Souxie ) left to go camping on the Olympic Peninsula for a few days.Sunny and I are relaxing and enjoying the quiet. Tomorrow Mom is riding down on the train – I’ll drive to Longview to pick her up. The two of us are going to the Sisters, Oregon quilt show on Saturday.

The weather took a turn on Sunday, so I’m working in the sewing room on the pattern project. I plan to finish organizing the vintage patterns today.

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This is one of those things were I don’t really have much to say, but I wanted to post a pic so an entry comes along for the ride.

I get weekly emails from sewing, knitting, quilting, cooking, etc. sites. Most of it is just what you’d expect, but every now and again………
An ad from a knitting site came yesterday and this caught my eye:  Is it just me?? Tell me what woman would want to knit this. Not that there aren’t some pretty design elements – but no one wants those trees across their breasts. really.

I started to paint the rafters on the east side of the house yesterday, but got into a tangle with some bees that have made a hive in the corner of the roof, so I moved on – I need to either wait until they go away, or somehow try to remove them. Instead I went around to the other side and I finished painting all of the deck railing. Sunny is loving her freedom, and is running miles chasing the chipmunks every day – there is one who is in the holz hausen and taunts her – it pops up here and there. I think it’s become a game between them. 

Between the hot weather inland, and the Fourth, our area is filling up for the weekend. The influx of rv’s of every shape and size must be some sort of record – I’m already feeling sorry for those who will have to battle the traffic to leave on Sunday. My sister and her husband are coming ( with their new camper ) and I’m looking forward to the big chicken (wing) cook-off at a friend’s house tomorrow. Also on the itenerary is the Ocean Park Parade – which will be new to me.

Yesterday Richard got the jeepster licenced – so we are good for cruising the beach tomorrow night.
I’ve proposed a sort of ‘art car’ paint-what-you-like on it for tomorrow at our friend’s house ( Richard told me awhile back that I could do whatever I liked with the outside/inside of it, but now he’s not sure if he’s keen on that idea). I think it would be fun to let folks have their way with spray paint or whatever sort of goofy decorations. After all, it won’t likely be driven except for on the beach a few times a year. Worst case scenario is that you spraypaint over it later – it sure couldn’t look worse than what it does now.

Tomorrow night is of course the Big Deal here. 28 miles of fireworks on the beach! With the weather so nice  – in the mid 70’s – it should be perfect. Then Sunday is the big beach cleanup. It’s a well organized thing with provided trash bags, and lots of folks with beach vehicles to pick them up. I’m hoping that it stays nice out for that, unlike the rain that happened last year.

So, I’m off to make cookies and treats for the party tomorrow – happy 4th, everyone!

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