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I get that it’s not all butterflies and fairies.
In an effort to get beyond all the doom and gloom out there, I’m making a concious decision to be positve.  My feeling is that soooo many things that we read / watch / listen to are all touting everything negative, it’s infecting all of us like a horrible virus. I simply cannot bear it any longer – so either I kill myself, or go against the grain in a positive direction.
I am choosing to do the latter.

We have now turned the corner with our current sunrise getting earlier, and sunset is now later than 5:00 p.m. – today it is 5:09! There’s been calls for rain ( and some said snow, again ) but I guess people would rather believe the forecast rather than looking outside ??? We still have only partly cloudy skies, and no rain, thank you.  The crab boats are fishing, fishing, parading back and forth in front of us. For whatever reason, it makes me smile.

We met with the owners of the business the other day, and in spite of the fact that there was no deal made, it was so much more pleasant that I had thought it could be. We got a tour of their house, her studio, and talked for a couple of hours. It seems we parted friends. Who could ask for more?
Now I’ve got to get my thinking cap on, and figure out something to do to that would be profitable.

Yesterday we went across the river, and stopped for coffee at a shop that recently opened up. I gave in to a $2 granola cookie that was incredibly good, and worth every penny. My new quest is to find a recipie that will be somewhere near as good. From there we went to an equipment store where Richard bought a new Stil chainsaw. We inherited my Dad’s 30some year old one, had it worked on to get it in shape, and it’s worked okay. But lately, I’m not sure whether it spent more time getting worked on, or cutting wood. So frustrating. Seems like it had reached the end of its years.  The new one will be able to use the old bar and chain, as spares, so its all good.

I’ve kind of begun to look for a dining set. It’s amazing that on craigslist there are so many – daily. I know what I’m looking for ( Heywood Wakefield ‘dog bone’ chairs and wishbone table – though some other set from that era or a similar style could sway me ), so I have to be diligent and check each day so that I can be the one who gets ‘it’  without spending too much. It’s possible that it may involve a road trip if the right set comes along. The road trip part would make my husband happy, I think. He’s getting itchy to go somewhere.

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