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I can only imagine the shock of this happening. That poor baby! This weather has brought so many unusual things, but I think that about tops the list. 

 With some of the horriffic flooding and the like – I’ve been moved to tears watching all the devastation. For me it’s akin to seeing all of the fires that have ravaged California over the past year.
People who bought their dream home, on some property with a little creek running through it. An acre or two, a couple of outbuildings and a workshop, and things have been ‘normal’ for ten or twenty years. Now its all gone, swept away in a rush of water and mud.  Seems like that story has been repeated over and over on the news these past few days.

I have been doing little more than sitting and knitting the past couple days. I started a simple sweater with some pretty yarn that was a Christmas gift from my sister. Its the perfect thing to do in this weather. That, and watch movies.
The other night we watched one of the "that’s Entertainment" movies, and there was the most amazing ‘dance’ number – if you can call it that. I’ve watched the clip a dozen times, and can only see no more than four shots in the whole scene. I am in awe.

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