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warning! nudie alert!

This morning I heard of this. Funny, only if you’re the onlooker. If it were me, just maybe it would be a cause to sue. Would you?
 You would never live it down. To see all of the pics, go to the above link.
Richard and I were talking about skiing the other day, and whether or not he could ski with his knee in the condition that it’s in. I haven’t skied since breaking my ankle several years ago on an anniversary ski trip. I got just two runs in before we called it quits because of the super cold temps. That evening I missed a step on a sidewalk and fell, completely bending my ankle over. It took forever for it to heal. I’m ready to give it a go though.
In the spirit of skiing, here are a couple of pics from a 60s? knitting leaflet:
 What would someone think if you zoomed down the slopes in one of these:  
or maybe this number?  How many of these were really made, I wonder? Were they given as a gift, as a suprise to the recipient? "Here sweetie, I made you the cutest ski hat – because I know how much you like being a little kooky! Or you could wear it if you decide to go ax murder that family down the block."
There’s a part of me that wants to knit all of them up and display them in the den, mounted, like hunting trophys. What else could you do with them?

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