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my eight tidbits

encouraged by truncated_ashes  to share, here’s my list:

1. I am really interested in what people collect, and to learn the story behind why. It gives you an interesting peek into their world.

2. I collect, or have collected: champagne glasses, divided ceramic dishes/plates, vintage patterns & fabric, old (estate sale ) crocheted potholders & antique linens

3. I wonder what makes people read "People" or "US" magazine

4. I could watch people at an event or a mall all day.

5. I wished for a couple years when I was 12-14 that I could be a professional skier ( and thought that I was good enough – ha! )

6. I no longer eat 1/2 to 1 pound of chocolate per day. thank goodness. I really did, until I was almost 30.

7. I chose to get pregnant first and then married. And I’m sooo happy that I had kids young.

8. I love washing windows. At some point while I was in construction I really wanted to be a window washer for a living. I get my fill here, as the windows quickly get ‘marine residue’ , or salt and crud on them.

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so long ’08!

Like everyone, I’m glad this year is near a close. I am ready, oh so ready, to move on.  When I look back, it seems like we accomplished a lot.
Or only a little, if I do the ‘glass half empty’ thing. There is so much I want to do, get done. And somewhere I think I’m supposed to sit back and enjoy – what? The fruits of my labor. check.
We did get the house painted, at the cost of one knee for Richard. Funny how I will do nearly anything to save a dime. Sorry sweetie. He is returning to his pre-injury state fairly quickly at this point. Hooray for that! We also got all five sliding doors replaced, the fireplace insert installed, new appliances in the kitchen and a remodel on the bathroom. Those were the biggies.

I sewed:
curtians for the bedroon, bathroom, living and dining rooms; made a couple wedding gifts; vests for my sister; a skirt for my other sister; a long wool coat; Christmas gifts ( for last Christmas and this one ); altered clothes for friends, family and a client; lots of bags; a few dog items.
We met a few people in our new neighborhood.
I logged a lot of miles on the beach, (though not as many as I should have).
We poured a couple of months into figuring out the possible purchase of a business ( status of which is still unknown ). No matter what, it was good preparation for something, I’m sure.

My goals for 2009:
Make a few friends
Figure out what I am going to do for work
Explore the surrounding parks and go to the beach more often 
Sew a lot more & start a sewing diary
get back into knitting

We are expecting a BIG windstorm over the next 36 hours – winds of up to 90mph. Hopefully, the power will stay on, but I have my doubts. With the snow last week we lost more of the big tree at the southwest corner of the house. It has been somewhat self-trimming with each storm since we moved, and now we will have to take the remaing part down. With any luck, we won’t lose any more trees this time around.

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