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With the weekend before us, Richard is telling me that the carport will be empty in a few days. Hope so. We filled the dumpster to the brim last night, and it will be emptied today and left for another week.  
I have settled on a white bedding with black trim scheme for our bedroom. And I’ll embroider a couple of red pillows as accents. With the pale yellow walls this should look bright and colorful, despite being predominantly black & white.  I spent the better part of Wednesday shopping for the components ( my best find was a beautiful black DKNY bedskirt at Macy’s that was originally $190 and I walked away with it for $38 !! ) I’ll post pictures when I finish. I can use all of it later, so I don’t feel too weird about spending the money.
It is typically warm here, in the mid 80’s, so as yet it’s not too bad. I am able to keep the house naturally cool at about 76 degrees, without using the a/c. I just can’t work outside mid-day. 
Gretchen and Tom will be going to the beach house next week for a few days. I hope the weather is good for them, as I’ve been watching and it’s been in the upper 60s there or the past few days.

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