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once again…..

things change. 
I waited until today to call Sal (my boss on the upcoming show ) and found out that though he is still doing the show, it is now going to be shot in LA.  Crap. Well, kind of. He said that he still wants me to do some of the work – the custom built pieces (yay!) – but this puts the likelyhood doing all of the alterations at zero. Which has usually been the bread and butter of my work.  I’m hoping that it will work out well for my part ( one of the crew members lives here and can deliver things back and forth – and we’ll be using Fed-ex  so there won’t be a lot of freeway to LA time) There was some elaboration of the story: it is set in present day but there will be flashbacks to other points in time – anything from the 1970s to the 1600s – which will make for some interesting costumes.  The shooting schedule has also been pushed a week to start the third week in July. I expect to start on some of the projects next week or so. 
With the delay and change in the show, this will make it easier to get some of the other sewing done for a couple people that I’ve had to put off while getting the house ready to put on the market.  Also it will be easier to extract myself from the project when the house sells.

Leaving Seattle Sunday early put us back in Santee early Monday evening. One more trip completed without incident. God how I am sick of I-5. But, it is really not practical, both time and money wise to go up the coast. That is something that we can do after we move and time is not chasing us down the freeway. 
On the trip home in the middle of nowhere in the central valley we stopped for coffee Monday morning. Leaving the northwest means there are no more little coffee huts dotting the landscape. I walked into a Starbucks, (which is a rare occurance) and am always baffled by their goofy names for things – so I ordered a couple of ‘Medium’ mochas ( getting a look of ‘ don’t you know our  special names for the sizes” ). Standing there waiting to give my order, I noticed in the case “Top Pot” donuts – which are something of a sensation in the Seattle area. Not only could I not fathom how they are distributing donuts a thousand miles away, but I was stunned to see that a single ‘old fashioned’ sold for $1.85 !!  Who on earth pays nearly two dollars for a donut? Especially when there is no way in hell it could be any fresher than about 24 hours?  This, along with a conversation that I had with Justin last week about the fact that Starbucks is not so much in the business of selling coffee as they are in selling MILK left my head spinning. I did do a little research on the milk thing and found a couple of interesting pages –



as I left with there with only my two drinks, I actually heard from behind the counter to the customers waiting for their drinks, a call out ” One Venti Hot Water!”  – why can’t at least that be just a large, or huge. whatever.

 To my delight, the fence is finally going up between our house and the house to the east of us. Really! ( we took bets on the way home as to whether or not it would have been started – it had not – until yesterday).

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