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so long…..

It’s about time to say good-bye to the beach. Too soon. It alway takes me a few days to unwind and settle in – which at this point is about when we have to go. 
What a wonderful last day though.  Currently I am sitting on the deck in the 72 degree sunshine ( thanks Justin for the router – it is working perfectly! ) . A little breezy, but beautiful. We spent some time at the beach earlier this afternoon, and I only wish I could post the video of Sunny attacking the huge kite. 
Yesterday I made the trip to Seaside, about 45 miles south of here. It  didn’t take nearly as long as I thought to get there. I had lunch with Kirsten, and got to see Olivia for just a moment ( eighth – graders running around thinking they’te all grown up — so cute ) Tuesday she (Olivia ) is leaving for a ten day trip to Costa Rica for a Spanish immersion trip. How exciting – and how nerve wracking for her folks. 
From there I went into Astoria to find a fabric shop ( not for me – for a gift ), and on the way I detoured to the Column. And climbed it, since I was there. Here is a couple of pics that I took:   from the bottom,    and  from the top: 
that is the nearly four mile bridge that spans the Columbia there, with the ocean just beyond. Stopped to buy some crab for salads on the way back, and all in all it was a great day. 
Damn, I can’t wait to move. Or, be all moved in.

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