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late start.

instead of leaving last night, we are nearly ready to go – hopefully before noon today.  The delay was because there was a serious ‘lifter rattle’ in Richard’s truck yesterday morning, so we took it in to the dealer ( where I just had it serviced last week) and they wanted to keep it overnight to make sure all is well.  He and Justin just went to pick it up, then we’ll be off within about an hour of them getting back. poo.   So the whole trip we’ll be kind of holding our breath that everything else goes swell, and the noise doesn’t return.   This means no slower trip up the coast. Bummer.   Luckily for us, the weather in the central valley has cooled off by 10-15 degrees, so we shouldn’t fry in the Tiger.  Sunscreen, lots of sunscreen.  And hopefully, no rain – even though it has a soft top, it’s still a 40 year old english car – read: not watertight. 

See you.

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