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It is now only a few days before we leave on the next trip to the north. I am so excited that Justin will be coming on Monday; to drive back up with us. I think we have decided to take the coast route up. It will add some time though.  Putting us to the house on Friday, most likely. Then we will drop the trailer and the Tiger,  and go on to Seattle. 

Today is Ryan’s birthday – bummer that I couldn’t say HBD in person; maybe next year.  I think he is loving the house thing. 

I have spent the week doing touch up painting everywhere. And finishing the two bedrooms – they are officially Done. And sweetly –  nice. I still need to put a coat of wax on our bedroom floor, then that one will be done as well. Whew! 
I think we have found a realtor.  Someone who knows someone I know.  Not the ‘Santee Guy” that I had thought we should use –  he very obviously doesn’t want to work hard anymore ( his deal is to put a below market price and turn it – fast ) – and I demand that someone work their butt off if I’m paying them in the neighborhood of $30K.  So, we met with this new realtor and I think he will work well for us.  He came well prepared, already doing a lot of work before he got here.  A longtime salesman, but softspoken and a go-getter at the same time.
The only thing he suggested for the inside of the house was that I should declutter a bit in the kitchen. HA!  ( If he only knew what I’d already taken out of this place ) I think he was a bit overwhelmed by my plate wall.  Anyway, no big thing for that to happen – I will gladly do whatever is suggested.  And as for the outside – Richard needs to finish getting our huge three car carport cleaned out – and that can’t happen until after the trip. I will work on the backyard a bit more. And box up more stuff from inside. Then we will have it appraised, then list it, just under appraisal. The new target date is around the first of July. 

I have just uploaded a bunch of pictures to my smugmug site – the new ones are in the gallery titled ” House Work”.
Here is a peek:    and       

Richard is finishing up what needs to be done on the Tiger. Yesterday he waved goodbye to another one of his vehicles out at his yard – a 1957 GMC pickup that was being hauled to Arizona. Little by little I think they are going away – yay!  I think he’ll keep the yard space for a bit after we sell the house.  All that big stuff doesn’t move as easily ( nor do the jillion parts and pieces that are in the carport).

The past week has gone by too quickly.

so there you are.

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